How to Upgrade Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to iOS Version 6.1

Image courtesy
Image courtesy

Apple released iOS version 6.1 today, which includes both new functionality and a handful of security fixes. What better time to remind users about the importance of updating their software than with this release?

A couple of tips before you upgrade:

  • Connect to your wireless network.
  • Connect to a power source

To upgrade your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to iOS version 6.1:

  • Click Settings
  • Select General > Software Update
  • Click Download and Install

One of the nicest privacy features of this upgrade is that you can reset the advertising identifier. If you’re not a fan of advertisers tracking your habits on your iDevice, you might want to check this out:

  • Click Settings
  • Select General > About > Advertising
  • Click Reset Advertising Identifier

Better yet, you can set Limit Ad Tracking to On while you’re there to disable the ad tracking functionality. It feels backwards, I know, to turn this feature on in order to turn ad tracking off. As a company who prides themselves on ease of use, one might think Apple actually designed this feature in this manner to preserve ad revenue.

With a market cap of almost $546 billion, can you blame them?


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