How Many Apps Have Access to Your Social Media Profiles?

At one point or another, chances are you clicked on a link to allow an app to have access to one of your social media profiles.

Maybe you wanted your Tweets to automatically post to your Facebook page so your friends can give you grief about using hashtags on Facebook. Maybe you wanted to let Klout scour your LinkedIn profile to determine the reach of your social media “influence”. Maybe you wanted to login to an app using your Twitter or Facebook account so you wouldn’t have to remember one more #$%^@&! password. Or maybe you wanted to link your MySpace account to… wait a sec… does anyone even use MySpace anymore?

Whatever the reason, I have a hunch that you may have stopped using some of those linked apps without revoking their access to your social media profiles. If that’s the case, then the app can still access your data.

Want to fix that? Then here are links to the app settings pages for a few social media services to help make the cleanup process a little easier for you. Revoke away!


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